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An event that is so awesome and at the same time, kind of fucked up, it has no rival. (e.g: Darth Vader)

Also known as Getting your Palpatine on or going Palpatine.
Man 1: So, the other day, I was getting a BJ from my girlfriend and after she finished, I showed her some porn and told her what she did wrong.

Man 2: Man, that is Dark Side.
by nakedpeopleeverywhere May 12, 2011
The state of being so drunk that there is no way to go back. Being completely and absolutely obliterated, hammered ass drunk.
James hit the dark side around the 12th whiskey and coke, right before he threw his wallet at the dealer to buy back into the poker game.
by dahvdahv September 10, 2010
(n) One’s evil nature; the evil flip side of an entity or idea. Term is often used in jest; (Concept has been long recognized by psychologists and theologians but given fresh meaning in the popular vernacular by the “Star War” movie series.)

A "dark-side" hacker (term used in the hacker community) describes someone who produces software or hacks with malicious or criminal intent.
“Don’t bug me, you don’t want to see my dark side.”
by Bill Peters November 10, 2006
Nickname for the city of Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Attributed to either
a) The comparative lack of lights visible at night
b) Some kind of imagined evil
c) The large-ish African-Canadian population.
Where are you from? Darkside, yo.
by Darksider4Life November 20, 2010
the dark side is the opposite of the light side where all the evil forces come together make evil plans while having deeelicious cookies
person 1: hey whats up?
person 2: i went to the dark side to get some deelicious cookies and plan evil things on you
by lovealex710 July 10, 2008
being high or drunk or in a negative state of mind
person 1:what ever you do, don't go to the darkside on me, i don't want to get caught by the cops

person 2:(mumbling)..wha.whwat the fu... (giggles)..bazzzz...

person 1:shit...
by mAGIK bUS July 13, 2005
To engage in sexual relations with female Midshipman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY. Also popular among USNA Midshipman.
A person who has engaged in Dark Siding is commonly known as a Dark Sider, also less commonly referred to as The Emperor or Darth Vader, depending upon the attractiveness of the female involved and/or the number of instances of Dark Siding committed by the individual.
Hey did you hear about Smith, he's gone over to the dark side, poor bastard.
by KP Setback June 28, 2006
the place with cookies. :)
"come to the dark side we have cookies!!"
"yay!! cookies!!!"
by reynish April 02, 2009