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A boy who is very good looking, funny, and just damn sexy but likes to fuck fat chicks.
thats so daric --meaning. . your hot, but u fuck fat chicks. you suck.
by JC March 16, 2005
-a sexy creature
-turns your crank
man im lonely. i wish there was a DARIC around to have sexual relations with!
by Sue Johanson March 18, 2005
A guy who will ditch you in the middle of hanging out with you the second his douchebag friend calls him.
by anononon123456 March 24, 2014
A guy that can and will have sexual relations with a girl in the first day of dating, or the first time meeting in person. Is also sexy as hell, funny, smart. A tough guy with a soft side.
Also see: Pimp, player, realest, flirt.
Guy 1: Man, I pulled a Daric yesterday.
Guy 2: How so? Oh wait, let me guess: You just started dating a chick, and already fucked her?
Guy 1: OOOOOOH YEA!!!!
by d_reck573 April 07, 2009
-comes from the term..womanizer.
-likes to sleep around. . does it cuz he can.
-damn hot, you'll never see anything better
-looks usually run in the family
-strong sense of humor
Boy walks in:
"ooo i almost mistakened him for a DARIC!"
hot boy 1: i pulled a daric last night
hot boy 2: oh? how so?
hot boy 1: . . i fucked a fat ugly chick.
hot boy 2: ah yeah, ive pulled a few darics in my time.
hot boy 1: . . im also a pedifile
hot boy 2: yeah, oh well, as long as your pulling a daric, thats the way to go.
by CrazyBitch15 March 16, 2005