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A guy that can and will have sexual relations with a girl in the first day of dating, or the first time meeting in person. Is also sexy as hell, funny, smart. A tough guy with a soft side.
Also see: Pimp, player, realest, flirt.
Guy 1: Man, I pulled a Daric yesterday.
Guy 2: How so? Oh wait, let me guess: You just started dating a chick, and already fucked her?
Guy 1: OOOOOOH YEA!!!!
by d_reck573 April 07, 2009
Prefferably a girl/woman that will take care of you, rub your neck when you get off of work, clean the house, and make supper 5 out of 7 days a week. Can also nag, bitch, and complain.
Side effects of having a girlfriend: Subjected to violent mood swings, blue balled for one week every month, and made to feel inferior, because of our male peni (Peni being the Latin plural for penises).
See also: ball and chain
Guy 1: Hey man, I just got a girlfriend!!
Guy 2: Oh shit, I'm sorry!
by d_reck573 April 07, 2009

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