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Danneh was created in 2002 in what is believed to be the Jersey Shore. Danneh is a word for a wild beast who stops at nothing to gather as many papaya's, mangoes, and other tropical fruits for his sexual escapades. This urban nickname can be used in many different ways, whether it be to replace a word in a song.. i.e. "Take me down to the paradise Danneh" or say what danneh likes... i.e. "Danneh like da mango"

Warning: Once this word is incorporated into your vocabulary it will be a predominate word in everything you say, i.e. "Oh danneh, why is this day so Danneh?"

As is very evident, the strong point of "danneh" as a word is its unique versatility. It can be used as an insult, pun, onimonipea, verb or simply exclaiming to the world: DANNEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danneh is believed to reside in NJ where he enjoyes drinking da sauce, harvesting mangoes, and growing beards.
As stated above:

"Danneh like da mango"

"Take me down to the paradise Danneh"

"Would you like to Danneh?"

"Danneh! Stop being such a Danneh, you Danneh!"

by Danneh Doc February 26, 2006
a tall bald creature resembling an egg
yummy danneh today beatrice
by kat December 17, 2003
likes to go to gay bars, small pecker, enjoys things being put in him ;)
by Stu May 26, 2003
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