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When the inside of your place or ride smells like some sweet, stinky bud. This is why you always have air freshner.
"Damn dude, you got some dank stank going on in here!"
by "Big C" June 12, 2008
11 14
when she stankkkkks
Damn Heather! you got some dank stank!
by BriskDankStank October 06, 2010
24 13
A long stinky verson of an Alex. You can smell them from a mile away and it is very gross. Usually found next to groupies that also stink.
"Dude you smell all DANKSTANK today."
by Dudesmells123 October 26, 2011
1 1
Anything that smells like wet ass. Pertaining to skunks, human feces, or a dead animal soaking in water.
Wow, that's some dank stank. Or, you smell of dank stank.
by beezwax May 06, 2008
2 17