a guy who's name is known for SWEETNESS.
always smiling..better yet, makes OTHERS smile veryy easily.
a gift to the people around him
person : who's that super sweet guy?

other person : oh that's danial :) DuHH
by afriend1234 March 11, 2009
Top Definition
the alternative name for sweetness
probably the sweetest person alive
has the connotation for making people around him SMILE
he can make your face go like this - :D
person : guess what! i looked up the word sweet in a dictionary. the definition: DANIAL
other person : DUHHH :)
by afriend12345 March 11, 2009
He is the Sweetest person in your life, he just makes everyone around him smile. he is caring and sensitive. he is usually cool and is not quick to anger but one you reach that point, you will regret it. He is handsome and attractive, he loves to have fun and joke around. a total sweetheart, loved by many women. but even thought he likes the lust of women around him, he will only give his heart to one. he can be clumsy and can get a little wild or out of control but he is good at heart.
oh that danial, is like sweet chili! Sweet but spicy!
by smokyspinx July 12, 2011

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