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A stunning beautiful girl who charms all the boys with her amazing eyes and smile. She is very smart, fun to be with, nice to mostly everybody, and has a great caring personality. Has a lot of friends and loves them with all her heart. Does not deceive in bed as she is amazing in every way.
i love dania, she makes me smile
by abcdoo July 20, 2010
An angel on earth. A person who is very loveable, sweet, and caring and deserves to be clothed in diamond.
My best friend is a dania.
by Zooz February 14, 2007
an arabic name usually given to girls

how ever she is a girl which has like the best personality between someones friends

everyone likes her
but she tends to be really really nice which makes anyone puke

and her smile makes everyone happy
hey i really like that girl
ya ofcourse she is a dania
by 3abbadi July 03, 2009
Dania is a beautiful girl who is awesome in every way. She is nice and cares about everyone and she loves life.
My girl friend is a Dania
by gospain November 07, 2011
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