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A word used to describe a person named Dan, who is a very, very angry young man. DAN-GRY. Usually turns green and will NEVER lose an argument.
Person 1. Hey Dan how's it going?
Dan. Fuck off you fucking prick!
Person 1. Whooooo, steady on there fella, whats got up your ass?
Person 1. Fuck me, you're DANGRY this morning!!
by Spidrick November 02, 2006
The hostile state a woman enters when not having received the D in a lengthy period of time.
"She been acting up. I think she's dangry. I need to give her the D."
by Natale Nostra July 03, 2015
Def.1 The act of one being extremely dangerous and angry at the same time.
Def 2. Someone who is known for being a complete and utter bum.
Brittish man:"Fondle me wooody you bloody bum"
Bum: "Don't, Don't make me dangry"
by James T.Smith December 26, 2006

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