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When you stop drinking too early in the day, and you get a hangover before you go to sleep and wake up. Da(y) (H)angover.
Damn! I ran out of beer and it's only 6:30. God! I'm gonna have a freaking dangover!
by Kurt 8 Keiner January 21, 2010
The sleepy and pleasant aftermath of eating a rather large meal at Pho Dang Vietnamese Cafe - Winooski, VT
The best part of the meal is the dangover back at the office.
by kobelsem December 16, 2010
when you wake up by a dildo with a hangover
Bill:You ever had a dangover?
Tom:What's a dangover?
Bill:Uuuhm.... Nevermind
by wtfhappenedlastnight October 26, 2010

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