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when one or more testicle(s) of the male have a sag capacity of 3 or more inches. the worst case scenario reported so far was approximately 5 inches.....that's 1.25 hands not at the withers, thankfully for all your horse people out there
"golly! that man's testicle exceeds the range of his Johnson!"


"PLEASE! refrain from tugging on my dangle ball, it's not a cow utter. it has feelings just like you and me."
by chin girl is number one October 07, 2003
when the SACKAGE EXCEEDS THE PACKAGE by a significant amount of inches
"my dangle ball keeps whacking my leg, Arnold. Oh dear I believe I'm developing a bruise"


"I can't tell the difference between my dangle ball and my penis. they're the same length. maybe I should ASK JEEVES"
by chin girl is number one October 08, 2003
When one testicle hangs 3 or more inches lower than the other
"I can see one of that man's testicles hanging down over the chair when he sits. That's one hell of a dangle ball."


"would you like to see the pendulum range of my dangle ball? eh? eh?
just please, do not puncture it with any sharp objects. it is fragile and sterile"
by not a wenis October 02, 2003
The presence of the male scrotum in your throat.
Jenny: Omg! I have dangleballs after teabagging Miguel last night.

Sheila: TMI!!!!
by LatinLover12345 March 30, 2010
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