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the manifestation of dangling. The phenomena of danglage is governed by Newton's Laws of Danglage, the set of truths pertaining to dangling, as discerned and elucidated by the great Sir Isaac Newton:

First Law: A person dangling tends to continue dangling until acted upon by an external force. This resistance to a change in danglage is referred to as danglertia.

Second Law: Danglage=Mass*Dangleration, where dangleration is the rate at which the danglocity increases or decreases (danglocity in dangles per unit time).

Third Law: For every dangle, there is an equal and opposite fumble.

*In the universe, danglage is conserved. That is, the sum of the danglage of the universe is constant.
In the 2010 Eastern Conference Championships, the Philadelphia Flyers unleashed a deluge of danglage upon the Boston Bruins, who, despite their best efforts, continued to fumble. (First Law)
by philly4life November 05, 2010