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A game played using a small bouncy ball. 3 or me people must be confined in a small area. Then, with little or no light, each person takes it in turn to throw the ball as hard as possible into a wall or ceiling. If you don't get hit, you win. Repeat for jokes and cokes.
Yo Bill, you wanna play some dangerball with me and Johsnon?

by imamazed December 06, 2007
A drinking game that is similar to beerpong, but has some dangerous twists. You have an extra cup that rests on top of the other cups (the dangercup) and when that cup is made your team has to take a shot of alcohol. There are also two dangerballs that rest on top of the cups that can get knocked in.
Guy1: Dude, I'm sick of beerpong
Guy2: Let's play some dangerball then
Guy1: That's dangerous
by Robert Bacon October 22, 2007
The ping pong balls that rest on top of the cups in the game dangerball (kinda like beer pong). These balls can get knocked into the cups and count as sinks.
Guy1: Last night we were playing dangerball and I threw the ping pong ball so it hit both dangerballs in.
Guy2: I do that all the time. The best is when you knock both dangerballs in and make your shot too. That takes out three cups.
by Robert Bacon October 22, 2007
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