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A reason for doing something - to do something for lulz, lolz or for a laugh.
Adam: Why did you rape Emma?
John: For jokes and cokes.
by imamazed December 06, 2007
A game played using a small bouncy ball. 3 or me people must be confined in a small area. Then, with little or no light, each person takes it in turn to throw the ball as hard as possible into a wall or ceiling. If you don't get hit, you win. Repeat for jokes and cokes.
Yo Bill, you wanna play some dangerball with me and Johsnon?

by imamazed December 06, 2007
A non-committal noise.
John: Hey, Fred, d'you wanna go cinema?

Fred: *spindop*
by imamazed November 03, 2008

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