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Dang also known as dangit, damn, damnit, darn. Nub also known as noob, nab, nuby. Noob=New To The Game. Put it togeather, your playing halo3 xbl guy named spartan2453432 kills you YOU REACT AS **dang nub**.
dang nub, spartan3454352, gunner3243, godofwar2, killer-Z254, gun§, bananaman23234dmd.
by MikeGardner May 11, 2008
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a term used often by people in the country when surprised or excited.
red neck hoosier 1: I put a new 10 inch sky jacker lift on my truck.
red neck hoosier 2: Dang NUB I didn't know they made that big a lift!
by Ice-finga April 04, 2005

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