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someone who is incredibly stupid/moronic/fat and has an attention span shorter than that of a gold fish

one who his/her ignorant and thinks of everything in terms of best and worst with no in between

one who feels the need to say extremely retarded and border-line-brain-dead or maybe just brain dead comments constantly

one who boasts/brags about a girlfriend/boyfriend that doesnt exist and shows pictures of his/her imaginary companion that comprise of pictures from the internet
1)Fake girlfriend?!?! what are you a danduh?? Then im fuckin banging Queen Elizabeth..

2)Fuckin danduh... lady liberty is not a prostitute that works on 34th street on Martin Luther Av.

3)That was the most Danduh comment I have ever heard...
Jesus would totally beat Hulk Hugan in a cage match at Wrestlemania.

4)If i were as danduh as you i would be making love with cows at petridge farm.

5)Danduh people like you are the reason why 34.098473% of women develop breast cancer.

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