he loves basketball and football and is very attractive and has a very nice 6 pack
he gets a lot of ladies and played basketball and one a championship and played for chtsworth cheifs
by D'andre March 29, 2005
Top Definition
The perfect man. extremely kind, gentle , loving to everyone, and talented. They would be patient with others, good with all children, teenagers and adults. There is a serenity, or calmness about them, no moodiness, or tempers flaring. This person cares deeply and shows this by the strong embrace or hug when greeting or saying goodbye to a friend. The perfect person is not judgemental or patronizing, but genuine in relationships with everyone. They love unconditionally each and every person and have no ill feelings towards anyone. This is a rare person, there are not many out there, but there are a few who are pure in heart and honestly close to perfection... I know a few... and the one man who was born on this earth that was completely perfect in all things was Jesus Christ. We should become more like him.
by rich27589695 September 09, 2011
is very sexy and attractive
everybody likes him and has a nice body
by D'andre March 29, 2005
the cutest boy in the world who knows how to treat a girl right with a great personality.
d'andre and aria together forever... haha sike
by babygirl March 20, 2005
It's a dude who is so childish and is too thirsty. He only try to get to girls because he lowkey gay and don't wanna be alone. In the end girls really don't wanna fuck with him because he has a chicken nugget
Home Girl #1: Did you hear kelly boyfriend was sucking dick
HomeGirl #2: Eww bish he acting like D'andre
by FuhhTheWorld July 22, 2015
i love basketball and football he is very sexy
i played for the chatsworh cheifs
by D'andre March 28, 2005
Usually a guy that is smelly obese and has a cottage cheese dick. Has mental issues, lacks confidence and dates boys or girls online. A D'Andre usual targets young teens to make oneself feel of great importance. A D'Andre is usually very poor and have no work ethic and will also live at home into his mid forties. A D'Andre is usual a peter pan like man that has a mental age of 9. A man that also lives off the government and people around them.
Dandre May have many nicknames that include Gobshite, cunt, backwards.
by jajahehe March 25, 2009
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