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A project either on the brink of existence or surprising revival. A game much like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and the late ITG (In The Groove). Uses optical pads instead of pressure pads and a newly designed cabinet. Also, like ITG, uses the Stepmania engine.

Has music by Canblaster, Beatdrop, DM Ashura (new: heard he dropped off the project), DJ Slash, Tefnek, Melody & Mezzo, Midihead, Cusimo & Co, SuperGreenX and more.

Has DWI or stepfiles done by Phrekwenci, lrxevan, k//eternal, jammitch!, PerfectAsymmetry, bluerevolution, penguinman, FoObY, and more.

A game ran by DJ K (DJ Kakarotto) and CNLohr, as well as others.
With ITG gone, does that mean DTX (DanceTrax) is gone too?

DJ K: Nope
by A-non December 27, 2006
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