an adjective used by Brandon Flowers of The Killers in the song "Human", which is dumb because he justifys it by claiming america is raising a generation of dancers.
Flowers: "Are we human, or are we dancer"

Observer: "Most dancers are human"
by aryan1066 July 10, 2009
cool or fashionable footwear, often reserved for use on nights out.
'i just copped one hell of a set of of dancers lad! they're proper smart. gonna wear em tonight. laffin!'
by Dayv _B June 03, 2007
Dancer is a slang word meaning puppet. A dancer is someone that do what other people tell them/want them to do.
"Dude, you are being a total dancer right now. Tell that bitch you aint going to her mom's funeral."
by scrubnut March 03, 2010
term referring to how great something that has happened or when something good has been achieved or just when you want to say it i.e DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. See also gego
most common usage as single word / exclamation "Dancer"
"Whats for tea?" "Macaroni and cheese" "Dancer!"
by Andrew Kirkman January 12, 2006
The term by which strippers prefer to be called.
"So how long have you been stripping?"

"I've been dancing for about six months."
by Hartcore March 06, 2005
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