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to be fit and muscular
that dude is hella cut
by Lady November 08, 2003
Blackalicious is a rap/hip hop style group. They rock, and really need to be recognized more.
I was listening to the CD, Blazing Arrow, by Blackalicious, while on my way to work this morning.
by Lady October 15, 2003
The best rocker, the best voice. He composes wonderful songs to make us very happy. A sensitive man, charismatic, sensual and extremely romantic.
November Rain, Estranged, Patience, Sweet Child O' Mine, and so on.
by Lady March 03, 2004
another great band from new york
les savy fav fucking rock
by Lady June 08, 2004
THE best rock band in the history of the Planet that we refer to as 'Earth'. If anyone thinks otherwise they should be shot and left on the side of the road to rot, and I wouldn't give a shit, i would run over their fat ass.
The Clash kickass and will be a legend forever.
by Lady October 15, 2003
Sexy girls who dance around in there tight costumes. tigh asses and nice bodys! everyone would like to get with a sexy dancer
the girls in the elite group at images are sexy bitches!
by lady March 20, 2003
good friend, but sneaky, good to talk to, but if u tell him a secret he will tell anita, but all up funny and annoying
mehrad and anita are in love and will get married
by Lady February 02, 2005

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