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A massive image website where viewers can upload images of various content. Danbooru is like a normal imageboard, only neater. Where images have no expiration date and are catigorized by tags.
danbooru is japanese for "cardboard box"
by RJSky April 23, 2006
Is a very large image board site filled with awesome images,
but a very awful community. That includes the admins,
mods and janitors. Their rules are very strict, so one
small mistake and you'll get a Negative Record.
Danbooru and Freedom of Speech don't mix together.
So be blocked or GTFO.

Danbooru is not your mom's fridge.

Oh sorry, I didn't see that mistake that I made. But you're
still banned for evasion, so nice try. Enjoy your ban.
by The Internet Sage November 07, 2010
(n). - A now defunct imageboard popular among anime and hentai fans.
Did you see that danbooru is down for good? I hope someone puts up a clone!
by J-Philly March 02, 2007
1: Danbooru was a popular board for cartoon porn. When the owner largely closed it to non-members, simultaneously disabled signups, and announced that he would crack down on certain types of pictures. For example, furry pictures were forbidden, whereas bestiality was perfectly acceptable. Breaking these rules would result in banning.
Some people were less than pleased, and the resulting shitfest made the owner close the site within two weeks.

2: Anything deader than dead.
3: The act of taking your toys and going home when things aren't going your way. Also: Individuals reacting in such a manner.
4: Giving up.
5: Someone that doesn't like having fun.
1: "Danbooru, much like disco, is so very, very dead."
2: "Christ, look at that Danbooru roadkill."
3: "Fuck you guys! I'm out of here!" "Yeah, fuck off, Danbooru-boy!"
4: "Guys, I can't do this. It's too hard." "Come on, don't pull a Danbooru on us now!"
5: "Hey Moe, want to hit the bars with us?" "No, I'm staying in tonight." "Come on, don't be so Danbooru."
by HappyNapping March 03, 2007
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