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A good luck charm, said at times when feeling lucky. Usually said in a whisper. Very good for basketball games.
Bob: (as shooting the ball) damp damp


Tom: How the fuck did you do that?
by Benny V. June 24, 2009
Damp damp, is the explanation.and definition when you hadn't seen that person that has you whipped in x amount of time; and the thought...or sight of them makes you damp damp in the crotch area...and makes easy access for immediate penetration...and or masturbation...that amazing damp damp pussy!!! :-)
Jar head bf: "Damn bro, went to see my girl...ain't seen her since returning from deployment...;)...fine ass...I'm thinking ima wife the pussy...nigga whipped...dawg!!!! pussy was wetter than a muthafuckah !!!soon as i hit the door she had that damp damp..."

Jar head's bro: "damp damp?"

Jar head bf:"yeah man that damp damp!! Had to throw a towel on that ass.damp damp had that tapout!"
by October 30, 2014
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