DAMIR, Da means Give to give or Yes yes., and Mir means calm, peace, peacefulness, quiet, still, stillness, tranquility, tranquillity, so when you put it together, DAMIR means Give Peace.

Damir is a solo artist-rapper, entertainer, musician and underground hip hop lyricist. The music is a mixture of hip hop, pop rap, hardcore alternative, punk and trance. Taking elements of every genre and formulating a new extension. The most interesting element of Damir's music is the multiplicity of styles. Damir, has freed us from many conventional song-writing formulas. Damir is much more than a musician, but rather a state of mind and character. Damir represents more than music, 180-degrees from mainstream, an anti-commercial voice that touches on signifying issues, an approach, line of attack, serious, trivial but rather the psyche of an artist.
by jasmine kay October 05, 2006
a piece of shit who takes naps at 8pm and moves to England for college.
Me: yo damir, lets go hang out. ill pick you up.
Damir: nah man, i gotta go take a nap, i haven't slept in two days.
by SpiritOfTruth January 31, 2009

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