A name that actually means sweet, friendly, bold, accepting, candid, and patient. It is a name given to a male who is nobel in his ways, a gentleman at heart, and a person with good intentions. Damian's are likely to never give up on themselves and bring order where ever they go.
The new student is a natural leader, he must be a Damian.
by birdsandlavender November 08, 2010
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A cool name that has nothing to do with the devils son.
You hear me you fruity religion obsessed fuck bags.
I saw some guy kicked out of a church.
I went to help him and he said his name was Damian
I befriended him and now nuns chase me with torches every sunday.
by PunkR0Cker7171 October 29, 2007
Basically a male that performs great intercourse on a female. Usually people who have no knowledge whatsoever say this name is related to the devil but its not...he is almost like a God. He is a perfect young man with amazing features and loves the booze and weed and can hold his liquor amazingly well.
"Damian!, dude fuckin 420 dude...why are you so delicious."
by staszu October 21, 2009
Anyone male named Damian is a man with a giant dick also know as the god of sex. Damians are also always winning like a boss.
Girl: have you done it with Damian.
Girl 2: YES! Biggest orgasm ever.
by Epic_Win696969696969696969696 October 11, 2011
constant, loyal, calm, tame, sweet and harmless
In Greek, the name Damian means- sweet and harmless.
In Indian, the name Damian means- Tamer.
In English, the name Damiean means- calm and tame.

Saints Cosmas and Damian were twins and early Christian martyrs born in Arabia who practised the art of healing. They accepted no payment for their services, which led them to be nicknamed anargyroi (The Silverless); it is said that by this, they led many to the Christian faith.
by quena February 04, 2010
One AWESOME guy. Hes popular,handsome,athletic,funny,and treats everyone nicely. He is also pretty smart. He doesnt do drugs or drink alcohol.He actually cares about the girls he has feelings for.His girlfriend is what he cares about most. He worrys to much.
Girl 1: Does your boyfriend treat you good?
Girl 2: Yeah...Hes such a Damian.<3

Guy 1:Whose that awesome athlete?
Guy 2: Oh thats Damian.
by siddartha January 05, 2014
A delicous drink made of
1 part Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
2 Parts Boones Farm Wine (any flavor)
1 Part Nestea Lemon Flovored
Im Hot lets get a Damian ( the drink)
by petersd130666 November 20, 2008
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