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don't act like a dumbass
that girl last night was so drunk so i had to tell her dalad
by dtothemoney February 22, 2012
Acronym for: Don't Act Like A Dumbass
Will- "This is some crazy shi*, but I figure YOLO!"
John- "Yeah, but don't forget DALAD and get killed."
by SorenVB_9 February 25, 2012
A motto; An abbreviation for "Don't Act Like a Dumbass"
Forget YOLO- DALAD that's the motto ;)
by Ghostface Gilla February 22, 2012
Stands for "Don't Act Like A Dumbass"; a counter-acronym for the widely known "YOLO" acronym.
Friend 1: Guess what, I hooked up with that slut last night...without a condom! YOLO!
Friend 2: Dude, you're a total idiot. DALAD and go get yourself checked and tested!
by fulltimeasian April 24, 2012