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A total jackass. He has no cock. If he does have one, then you will need a magnifying glass to see it. Maybe even a microscope. He sucks cock. He is also known as a she-male. The person everyone looks at and immediately throws up. He bangs old ladies with his fingers.
Police: It's him! The guy who bangs old ladies with his fingers!

Dakota: Oh no! They finally found me! Fuck you!

Police: Wow, he is a total jackass!
by Black Ops Master December 14, 2010
Someone who chronically masturbates, and saves videos of porn on their computer. To which later watch and masturbate to.
Man 1: "I've jerked it like 7 times today to this one video I saved. It's fantastic!"
Man 2: "Already 7 times!? You're turning into a Dakota!"
by Mr.Blue. August 01, 2009
slut, skank, cheap whore,
fucks in less then three days.
goes to tustin and is currently

a freshman. also has a beat pussyXD!
dakota is the grossest chick ive ever fucked broX(.
by brandon drew cock April 22, 2010
Slang term for fag.
Dude Mitchell is such a dakota.
by Becca Henton October 17, 2009
a gay...with really small penis, he never pitches and always loves to catch, also has an asshole the full diameter of a CD-rom
That dakota Has One big hole!
by Gamble Man February 21, 2009
The definition of a conceited little fucked up ginger kid who hates the way he looks because of all the shit stains on his face. Dakota Cries at night because hes fugly and he knows that everybody thinks hes a dumb stupid ugly worthless turd, but when hes around those people he plays dumb and runs away to the bathroom to squeeze his testicles
John: Yo momma so stupid that you're stupid!

Eugene: Yo momma so nasty i bet shes related to Dakota!
by MeValeVerga June 11, 2009
to be a very gay homosexual who brooks constantly to men
he is a big dakota
by sninja666 July 30, 2008