The worlds largest hell hole.
-"My parents are moving to Dakota"
-"you poor fuck.
by Brian McGuirk May 03, 2006
A beautiful girl who is very independent. Her eyes change with her mood. Her smile will light the entire room. No matter where she goes she is loved by everyone. Dakota is a name of royalty an honor.
Wow she's so sweet and beautiful. She has to be Dakota!
by Metaphor October 09, 2013
An amazing, smart, and talented guy. The kind of guy you can build a life and home with. One of the most loyal men you will ever meet. Dakota's are passionate and never afraid to apologize when they have done something wrong. These men live to have fun and enjoy the moment (especially when it comes to anything Mario). These guys are sexy and the loveliest guys you will ever meet.
"You need to meet my boyfriend Dakota, he is amazing and the best guy on the planet "
by lovelygirl12345 May 02, 2015
An amazing person usually with brown eyes and black hair and is really kind also will help his friends out when they need it he is to amazing so if you meet one you will regret throwing it away if you do
I wish I had a Dakota in my life
by Sweetballsoffire⁴ October 26, 2015
The girl that is always there for you no matter what. Is good at making friends. Sometimes has a attitude but when you get to know her she will be the greatest friend you ever knew. Pretty. Has beautiful eyes. Loves everyone. Will never let you down. Will protect you like you were her family.
That girl is so a Dakota
She is the greatest friend ever.
I wish I could be like Dakota.
Don't ever let Dakota go.
by Koda Kent. October 10, 2015 November 29, 2015
The code needed to unlock something.
Luke: Why can't I unlock this stupid thing?!!!
Andrew: Cause you ain't got dakota.
by fuzzifootprints April 15, 2013
A fucking hot chick with a nice tits and a firm ass
John:Look at that Dakota
Timmy:I sure would like to tap that
Micheal:oh yah just wanna bite right throught that thing
by colden gressmen August 22, 2007
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