The hottest guy ever. When you see him you will be like, "oh man, he looks like a good fuck." And yes, he is. he is also stubborn and short tempered, but a relationship with this guy can be one of the best yet. A total stoner. Smokes way too much weed. And skateboards, and wastes a lot of time. And is totally lazy, but will always treat his lady right.
Me: Hi!
Dakota: Sex me.
by dumbbitch0079 June 17, 2012
An adolescent, typically with a mixed ethnicity of Native American and Vietnamese, that is incredibly whack. Many people would even consider him to be a faggot. He wears snapbacks, smokes way too much marijuana, and is quite a fiend.
-Oh my God, Dakota fucking wouldn't pack a bowl tonight. What a fiend.
-Do we really have to invite Dakota tonight? Matt said he got way too high to handle last time they smoked.
by DroBelt October 24, 2012
A beautiful girl who is very independent. Her eyes change with her mood. Her smile will light the entire room. No matter where she goes she is loved by everyone. Dakota is a name of royalty an honor.
Wow she's so sweet and beautiful. She has to be Dakota!
by Metaphor October 09, 2013
The code needed to unlock something.
Luke: Why can't I unlock this stupid thing?!!!
Andrew: Cause you ain't got dakota.
by fuzzifootprints April 15, 2013
A fucking hot chick with a nice tits and a firm ass
John:Look at that Dakota
Timmy:I sure would like to tap that
Micheal:oh yah just wanna bite right throught that thing
by colden gressmen August 22, 2007
Pulling a dakota, or a reverse datoka comes from an overconfidence or underconfidence when finished a test. Pulling a Dakota can also be used in other situations when someone thinks that they did good, but in reality they failed. A reverse Dakota occurs when you think you failed, but then you do great. Other types of Dakotas are a Bang-On-Dakota (when you guess correctly), and a Miracle Dakota ( you guess you get 100%, and you get 100%), a miracle Dakota hardly ever happens and is very rare.
Yo, guess what.......I think I aced that test..........Oh nevermind I actually got 15%.

Hey I think we are going to destroy that team in hockey.......Oh wait, we got beat 10-0

(reverse Dakota) I hate my life, I think I failed that test, my parents are going to be mad!........Oh wait guess what, I aced that test, in your face!
by Math Class Terms May 27, 2011
A wonderful, beautiful amazing girl who is very smart, likes to eat puckerroons. runs around screaming and randomly poops herself on random carrides.She is a really good friend, the bom diggity actually. People call may talk shit on her, but its only because they're jealous. Be careful or she gonna kick your ask.

What the fuck Dakota?
by justhanging outakiss January 22, 2011

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