A beautiful athletic girl that everyone loves, but she doesn't believe it. She is very independent even though she secretly needs someone to talk to. Dakota has a perfect ass. She has an amazing personality, shes your person to lean on or talk to, but you don't want to mess with her bad side, then she can be a bitch. Dakota is secretive, she is usually hiding something BIG. They dont like to share their emotions, they rarely cry and always put on a smile. She can be very insecure and dislikes compliments. She is a person that everyone loves, when she walks in all the guys go crazy and flirt with her, she denies and doesn't see this as true. She is very flirtatious, but she doesn't let many people in. So if you are close to Dakota, you are very lucky and better hold on to her. Overall she can make the perfect girlfriend or wife.
Guy #1: Damn whos that girl?

Guy #2: Thats Dakota, she is so hot and look at that ass!

Guy #1: I'd totally tap that
by athlete4life March 28, 2013
A goddess in Cherokee religion. She was a female goddess who's skin was pale and had hair in strands of red. She was beautiful and glowing with positive aura. Scholars believed that she was a European who was lost in the sea and ended up in the east cast. She was known for her kindness and caring nature, hence helping the Cherokee survive in harsh winters with teaching them to farm instead of hunting. She was known for her eyes, for they changed colors. To the Cherokee, this was a key fact that she was indeed a goddess, colors varied from Blue, Green, and grey. She was a major religious icon for the Cherokees throughout their years, this also influenced the passive and kindness towards the white men who came from the new world.
She's just as beautiful and Kind like Dakota
Praise Dakota for her passive and kind nature.
by brenttano11 May 23, 2010
The most amazing guy in the world! In his past life he was a douche bag but now he has become reborn into a utter prince charming. He has such charm and charisma he has so many women swooning for him. But he only has his eyes on one girl alone.He loves animals and is a total gent. He's also a great video game payer and can level characters on WOW to lv.80 in a day. He is a Fantastic lover.Dakota has a really big dick and is great and bed but you'll never know:P
Girl 1: Oh dakota, is so hot lets try to get with him!
Girl 2: Havent you heard? Dakota only has his eyes on one girl
Girl 1: What a sweetheart!
by you'll never know:P July 05, 2011
a name you call really hot boys! such as ones you meet in disney world!
chick #1 "WHOA! check out that hottie over by the arcade!!!"
chick #2 "HOLY HOTTNESS! he's DEFINATELY a dakota!"
chick #1 and #2 "mmmm"
by kayt219 June 13, 2006
Dakota is a sweet boy to everyone he will talk to every one but once he figures out that you like him then he wont talk to you, you cant tell if he likes you or not.
He does have the balls to come up and talk to you. sometimes but hardly rarley. If he likes you back he will just stare. He is athletic and hangs out with guys that play the same sport as him and other girls. Hes hard to get. He is laid back and has a sence of humor.
Girl #1- OMG go talk to him.
Girl #2- no!!
Girl#1 why not?
Girl #2-because he likes me and now im afraid to talk to him.
Girl#1-OMG, your such a dakota.
Girl #
by softballandsoccergirl February 03, 2010
Girls who prefer to run around naked and throw their clothes into trees.
That girl pulled a dakota and ran through town jumping into hot tubs naked!
by yermom123 July 10, 2008
The hottest girl alive, great kisser, awesome to talk to and will kick the shiz out of you if you mess with her man.
Your so hot!!! But not Dakota hot....
by Kerley June 01, 2009
a pretty ,classly person who love to make jokes and makes every one around he laugh. who is the so funny abd nice at the same time .but she doesnt not play not game only some lol
that girl is dakota
by sunni16 May 20, 2009

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