What you say when somebody else says "what?". You laugh, the people around you laugh, and the person you dak-daked is angry.

Me: "Anyways, I just told her..."
Loser: "What?"
Me: "Dak Dak!"
Loser: >=(
Me and my friends: =D
by Habeebee54345 March 18, 2009
Top Definition
A slang term given to the auto-sniper rifles or more accurately termed, the designated marksman rifles, of the Counter-Strike FPS series. The name comes from the weapons' infamous sound it makes when firing, 'dak dak dak dak dak'.
1. The CT won 5 straight rounds so they decided to all buy dak daks.

2. Player 1: Hey 'Mike' can you buy me a dak dak? I'm going to shoot some AWPers this round.
by anon-kun January 17, 2014
Korean slang for "Hard" or "Stiff";
Can be used to replace "YOLO", "swag", "fuck this", or used after fitting conditions and/or circumstances.
This term can be applied in almost any circumstance, similar to how the word "fuck" has become engrained within American culture.
"That's dakdak"
"You're dakdak"
"Fuck, l'm so dakdak"
by dakdak September 13, 2012
A Volkswagen beetle, so named because of the noise the horizontally opposed cylinders made.
Volkswagen has never equaled the success of the Dak Dak.
by Stickybeak July 06, 2010
dakdak is Australian slang for a subaru car, usually an older subaru such a 99wrx
fuck bro that dakdak is off its tit!
by Hk, hard kent March 19, 2011

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