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When large numbers of people engage in oral sex in alternating face up/face down positions forming a circular group of people. An individual engaged in daisy chaining will be giving oral sex to one person while receiving oral pleasure from a different person (at the same time). Probably referring to a ring of intertwined bosies having a similar shape and arrangement to a flower arrangement used as a tiara.
"We had, like, 20 people in our daisy chain last night."
by Dave A. Jones May 04, 2005
British teenagers engaging in a form of group sex The practice involves teenagers going to each others' homes to engage in sex with multiple partners.
I'm going to Susie's house to daisy chain with a bunch of British chicks.
by hdgkdhgkjd May 02, 2005
when (usually boys in private schools) gather round and toss each other off
up for a bit off daisy chaining??
by john May 14, 2003
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