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Literally means 'Big Brother' in Cantonese. Usually used by Chinese gangsters and wanksters to refer to their bosses.
Jan is my dai lo.
by Jan June 04, 2003
In cantonese:

1. head boss/gangster
2. an elder that's respected
3. someone in a respected position
4. reference of respect
me: let me get that tea for you dailo.
by l33tf0b August 15, 2006
Refers to an older brother who is adorable yet caring of his muimui.

A young man of greatness
Did you see that? Dai lo just totally killed that dance move!

He just bought food for his little sister, he must be a Dai lo!
by whyamihererightnowohmygod June 24, 2011
A Band from Nottingham, England
'Did ya get the Dai Lo Album?'
by Tate September 22, 2003