Absolutely and completely nuts. Crazy. Mentally ruined or imbalanced. Coined by South Park in 2004,
Whoah, that dude has lost it, that fucker’s completely daffy man!
by schweinsberg April 14, 2005
The act of getting absolutely and completely plastered out of your mind. D-drunk A-as F-fucking F-fuck Y-yo. Daffy.
Last weekend my friends and I got daffy at their apartment.
by State of Dade April 19, 2010
A skiing trip in which, the skier while in air, folds one leg back, and kicks the other forward, and then wise versa.
"dude, I pulled a smooth daffy off that jump"
by Snips July 28, 2003
often interchanged with the word krunk; to explain something enjoyable or someone cool.
That party was so daffy!
Mary is the daffiest person I know!
by Chuck March 01, 2004
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