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Note that this word used in a sentence is often replaced with "slam a dad."

1) literally, to have sex with one's father (whether it is consensual is unknown)

ex: I'm about to dadslam that motherfucker, and I'm going in dry.

2) to beat somebody handily in a game, usually in League of Legends

ex: I totally dadslammed those punk bitches in solo queue.

This word (and its deviation) was invented and memeified by the League of Legends challenger team Dadslammers, and popularized in the Twitch stream of RAPiDcasting.
Slamming dads and taking names.

"Look out world, we're going in dry. Slamming your dad." - Dadslammers
#slamming dads #slam a dad #dadslammed #dadslammers #dadslamming
by LordKrondor9000 January 02, 2014
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