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A word that can be substituted for any other word in the right circumstances. Created by GoldDad aka GoldGloveTV on DadTube.
Call of Dad: Dad Ops
Dadsformers: Dads in Disguise
by Ninjah Birdy April 09, 2011
Def. ~noun

The better parent.

The one that treats you like an equal and respects you. The one that provides moral guidance and teaches you about life. The one that co-conspires about hiding broken stuff from Mum. He protects and cares and makes you laugh but calls you ridiculous nicknames.
Dad: Pig! Get over here!

Kid: Don't call me that in front of my friends!

Dad: Well don't be a pig then!
by Kidlet July 21, 2009
A man who works to support you and doesn't take your crap when he doesn't get anything in return.
That's my dad foo
by iamafrickindad August 24, 2009
The man who copulated with your mother to produce you. He is often the least appreciated parent (though not always), and most likely the one who puts food on the table (again, not always).
Dad: I'm HOME! *Is tired after working for assholes for 8 hours*

You: Sweet McDonalds! *Snatches food from dad without even a hello*
by Missus Cupcake February 04, 2013
D.ad (pronounced Dad)

Dick Advertiser

a person who advertises their dick to a community comprised of males and females

a homo/bisexual
Hey man, put your fuckin' cock away, my mom and uncle are here...stop being a D.Ad

I had to leave that sausage party, too many D.Ads in there.

You have a kid now. Man up to your responsibilities. Stop being such a fuckin' D.Ad and start being a Dad.

Your wife succumbs to the temptations of D.Ads all across the land.

I've been a D.Ad before. I got arrested for disturbing the peace.
by Tobias K. Cornfield June 01, 2009
Dropping a deuce. Taking an extremely large shit where the water hits your asshole.
Yo I D.A.D'd so hard last night I didn't have to wipe.
by Martha and Jan November 07, 2010
- a fucking horny bastard who acts as if he knows the world.

- pretends to be caring and thoughtful + has an devilish conspiracy behind his surface = Dad

- a sick shit who contaminates the definition of "family"

- a dude who forces you to do housework even though your legs are broken (that's my dad)
Dad: Hey you fucking son go cook for me I am godly hungry!

Me: But my legs are broken!

Dad: I don't fucking care you useless piece of shit!
by AntiDad August 11, 2010
A Son's First Hero.

A Daughters First Love.
Son: Dad I Want To Work Where You Work One Day.

Daughter: Thanks Dad I Love You.
by Jack Marino June 16, 2013