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-to laugh without minding other people think.
-to laugh wildly
WTF! He is being dacoycoy, coolcatbuddy said.
by pugo!23 September 11, 2009
An offensive term towards someone who cannot be trusted and trying to have a good reputation by being fake and plastic. An ugly fat person that has too much confidence, a person who thinks he knows everything, a stupid, very biased and shallow being. A person that will try to let you down or offend you through judging your works even though he doesn't have a single idea on that certain field.

Dacoyoy is also an another term for "Incubus" or "Maniac". A person who is fond of thinking lewd thoughts about girls while acting like a gentlemen to ladies but the truth is he just want to do something bad to them.
Julius: Your work sucks!
Boy 1: You don't even have a clue what it is.
Julius: I don't care, it sucks, what ever it is!
Peter: Hey, Julius! Let's help Gia, carry her furnitures to the other room.
Julius: Why should I?
Peter: She's wearing a very short skirt right now, her white shirt is so tight and she's already sweating!
Julius: Really? Count me in!
Boy 1: Pfft, those what a dacoycoy.
by runawayscars10 December 01, 2010
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