a gang from dorchester that runs the hall of bch in the dot. mostly black and latino kids wit a few white kids, da crew puts fear in everybody.
u betta watch yo' back, or da crew gonna attack!!!
by El Diablo June 17, 2006
Top Definition
Da Crew is a newly hip-hop band from Romania.
Current members: Ol'Man, CAPU..
Tha band combines trip-hop with RNB and RNG - it is quite a cool sound..
Da Crew..They be workin da mic like ain't no playa to shoot right..
by Batranu May 14, 2005
A baller a$$ group of young people from Flo Rida who like to vaycay non stop all ova da place
da crew went all ova da world
by memba of da crew August 07, 2012
A group of people who terrorize Popeyes and Wendys establishments after school in the Baltimore area. Often identified by a red toyota pickup or beige chevy prizm.
"Yo, its da crew!!!"

"Who, us?"

by Acho January 05, 2005
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