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"Popcorn playa" is an explicit expression that usually negga ghetto people use when something unexpected goes perfectly..it's cool and it was created in the Wu-Tang-Clan..respekt fo MethodMan..
Papcorn playa..negga..
by Batranu January 03, 2005
Da Crew is a newly hip-hop band from Romania.
Current members: Ol'Man, CAPU..
Tha band combines trip-hop with RNB and RNG - it is quite a cool sound..
Da Crew..They be workin da mic like ain't no playa to shoot right..
by Batranu May 14, 2005
This is kind of a tricky expression..it is hood like and it means "Not no never"..it's apropriate to not+no+never..
"Nat nara'naram man won't steal money from me!" = "No man will never steal money from me"
by Batranu January 16, 2005
E genu de om kre nu stie ce face si kre se crede mare si la moda(adik majoritatea rahatilor din ziua de azi) dar kre nu-si da seama kat d rahat d om este...
1.Bhai ce muian!!
2.Marsh-n pwla mea d muian!
by Batranu March 26, 2005

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