same as dirty or filthy or ugly
i went with a dorty bird last night
by tomo July 18, 2003
Top Definition
not the same as Dirty,
dOrty spelt with a capital O
used to refer to a person as sexually promiscuous, sexually active or sex on the brain, but only in the context of slagging that person in a joking manner,
used to reply to a statement or action that has a sexual undertone, thereby acknowledging the innuendo,
used to reply to a statement or action that does not have a sexual undertone, but in so replying with dOrty makes it so,
when spoken you may say 'with a capital O' after the word 'dOrty', to emphasize the capital O
when typed, simply typing with a capital O is sufficient,
first used in Newry N.Ireland 2010,
she's dOrty.
she's dOrty with a capital O.

A: do you want to jump in my car and blow my horn?
B: you're a dOrty Bastard.

A: take me for a spin and i'll blow your horn ya boy ya.
B: ohhh you dOrty Bitch.

A: look at the fat head on that cunt.
B: which head?
C: haha dOrty fucker.
by AKA-Sponge December 04, 2013
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