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A clique of girls that are preferably Hispanic who do nothing but have "photo shoots" in different New York scenery and imitate anything they think is fashionable. They also download a new picture every week in order to advertise their selves. dLd stands for "Dem Latin Dymes"
I went walking around my neighborhood yesterday and Dld was there posing outside of the bodega so I turned the other way

by thechosen3rd May 22, 2008
short for "downloaded"
I just dl'd this 400mb high quality pr0n for japan!! w00t
by Shadowdane January 22, 2003
Dirty Little Denim's - cut off Levi's shorts worn by girls in the summer. Usually cut at the crotch.

No leggings or tights, as they would be repping in winter.

Usually a sign of the start of summer.
Check out those DLD's bro!
by Pizza Lolly March 11, 2011
A short yet simple way to say "Dude Like Dick" without saying he's gay outright. Also see CLC
What can I say? DLD!
by Tiff_YO! June 26, 2009
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