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the derivation of d33k...pronounced "deek"...a creation coined by the Yale men’s swim team...originated of course from being disqualified (or DQ'd) in a swimming race and was engendered after leaving a DKE frat (referred to as deek) party that was best described as painfully the word obviously has negative is most often used in place of "doh" (for example someone tells an embarrassing story u might respond with "d33k!") but is not excluded to that usage...other uses include- "this party is d33k" or in a swimming sense, if someone gets touched out you could say "they got d33ked"...caution...when used in that situation make sure you are around people who fully understand the meaning of the word due to the obvious possibility of the confusion the usage may elicit...the spelling of the word really epitomizes its meaning...meshing numbers and letters together not only catches people's attention but also, at least to me, shows the negative sense of the word because of its unusual construction.
Example 1: I have 121 pages to read before tomorrow morning's class, D33K!!

Example 2: d33k!!! 3 hour saturday morning practice tomorrow, 5-8am
by dufswm October 03, 2004
1. smooth or slick (from Mighty Ducks "That triple deke was totally d33k, man!")
2. (slang) cool or hip
that party was totally d33k!
he was flashin' some d33k moves on the dancefloor.
by d33kst3r February 13, 2007
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