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D2pk- a diablo server ran by 3 yr olds but is fun to make little kids like moogle and woom cry.
Random .11 B hdin: (Spam hammers)
Woom and Moogle: We own d2pk(both been slain)
Woom and Moogle: Lol? how did this .11 b nerdo win lolololahahaahalolol 5-0 us Lmaosnake
Random .11 B Hdin: ?? what
Woom and Moogle: Crai Plox Lawl Laffing Ohut Lawd
by godddllllysfdsf August 03, 2007
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A Diablo 2 Server run by some guy and was previously Owned/Raped/Smashed ect. by The Thermanator, Dane.
"Yo this kid, Dane, on d2pk totally friggen raped me the other day. He prolly uses hacks or somethin cause he was just like, owning everyone in teh game, especially Kylev.
by Grr-Dane April 10, 2008
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