A sex organ where two penises are coming out of a vagina and the penisheads interlock, and create a D shape
can be in either sex
Greg: Hey, has a wierd thing in her pants
Josh: Thats her D Ring
Greg: Ew, Mike fucked her last night i bet he's scarred for life
by The Italian Ninja March 21, 2011
Top Definition
A D-shaped ring, the flat section attached to a collar/cuff/belt/other surface for the purpose of fastening something to that surface.
The cuffs were clipped together with d-rings
by Psi Sushi November 08, 2003
a combination of the word "drunk" and "fling". When you have a fling with someone only when you are drunk, in an unintoxicated state, you would not be caught dead flirting with them.
Cmoney:Girl, what ever happened to that Justin guy?
Tdizzle:Oh he was just a dring.
by trishsta February 24, 2009
slang version of drink, used to show that you are on the stream

(to dring, dringing, drung etc......)
I was f*cking drung yesterday

My wife is alcoholist. She's dringing every day

Next week you gonna dring till your balls start to swim
by lo_Ol August 22, 2008
(v) To bring something by driving.
1: I left my keys at home.
2: No problem, I'll dring them over.
by The Shockwave April 08, 2009
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