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A slang term for the anabolic steroid "Duribol," which is usually injected in the buttocks.
"Come on now. He's gained 15 pounds and is freaking out on everyone. He's riding the d-ball train for sure."
by Funthrax April 27, 2007
Noun referring to someone who does bush or dirty things, or has poor hygiene habits
wow that kopy kid is really a dball
by Brent Lockwood August 03, 2007
To fall, faulter, crash, topple or any other non-stellar action resulting in the breaking of ones neck without having permanent dissability, and hence: still able to be laughed at after the incident.
"Dude, be carefull on top of that scaffold. Your gunna fuckin slip and D-Ball on your head.;
by Assmoothaseggs December 26, 2009
Another way to call someone named derrick.
hey d balls get over here.

Your such a fecking betch d balls.
by hughh ga dick November 29, 2007
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