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An emoticon expressing a happy face giving two thumbs up. A mouth is not explicitly included in this emoticon, but the "happy eyes" and "nose" are enough to imply approval and enjoyment of something previous posted/commented/said by another online individual. It is less common than most emoticons, and can be broken down as:

d = left hand giving the thumbs up symbol

(^O^) = the left cheek of the face "(", the left happy eye "^" (in an animesque fashion), a large nose "O", the right happy eye "^", and the right cheek of the face ")"--respectively

b = the right hand giving a thumbs up
--CommentFreak276: "That tard is as cool as nickelback, I bet he spent hours working on that flash."

--TooMuchFreeTime1337: d(^O^)b
by Iyuhb-zeeub December 30, 2009

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