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DWOO (Dee-woo) is an acronym for Dumb Waste Of Oxygen in reference to people that ask stupid questions time, lack common sense, or are just plain annoying.
A: What would you do if I just punched you in the face right now?
B: ... WTF do you think would do? you fuckin' DWOO.
#dwoo #waste #dumb #common sense #pigiddy
by Pigiddy September 04, 2006
common mispronouncination of 'DAEWOO'(the car company).
Only stupid people like Daniel Melnik make this mispronounciation.
Daniel: "I almost fliped when I was driving a d'woo."
Me: "It's DAE-WOO you idiot.
by Toku. November 04, 2004
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