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when a person of Jewish heritage gets an oddly familiar feeling that his or her cleverness in financial matters is meeting with envy & resentment, or that, for reasons of religious differences, antisemitism is afoot
When that loser referred to the city as Jew York, he struck a déjà Jew cord with people of every race and religion.
by elsquid April 04, 2013
425 60
The act of already having done something related to a Jewish person (seeing, meeting etc) when someone mentions it.
-"Hey, have you heard? Abraham's back from holiday!"
-"Yeah man, deja Jew, i saw him earlier"
by doodle12345 January 29, 2009
13 2
When one is a serial offender in dating jewish girls
e.g. Faggotry has a bad case of dejajew with Anna

e.g. Savas is at shabat again with Cara... I think he's got dejajew

by P.Sat March 18, 2009
7 1
the strange feeling you bought these shoes before
my wife had de ja jew while shopping at the mall the other day
by highfive July 31, 2008
5 8