The muscular lines surrounding the pubic region, shown off by young celebrities with low-hanging pants. The name comes from the singer D'Angelo who showed his off in a naked music video. Pink has both a gut and a d'angelo, which is rare.
Pull up your pants, young lady. I can see your d'angelo.
by Rusty Spell February 01, 2004
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a sexy beast loved by all, women are all over him. lets just say these guys are not short of offers but they are a rare breed
Dangelos - name of a person
by SamboRambo0502 April 19, 2009
A damn smooth R&B singer of the 90s, responsible for innovating the neo-soul movement. His style, voice, songwriting, and multi-instrumental talents echo that of Prince and Marvin Gaye. His sensual music can get any girl in the mood.
"Jenny was having hang-ups when we sat down on the couch, so I put on some D'Angelo, and she began to 'Feel like making love.'"
by LangdonAlger September 13, 2008
The act of giving a an intelligent midget a blowjob while he does your math homework
Yesterday I met a miget named Raheem and I gave him a D'Angelo
by dmoney young money September 15, 2010
Usually a male that is very intellectually challenged, black and handsome. D'angelos find it hard to even be average in the field of grasping females as they are confused on whether or not they fancy the opposite sex. D'angelos are very reckless as they will do anything to look "cool", also D'angelos have abnormally small penises. D'Angelos cannot be trusted.
by ThySaysItAll December 01, 2013
a scrotum beard
dude! Shave your D'angelo!

by Foxymuhammed September 02, 2008
A chain of sandwich resturants founded in the united states. They are famous for hiring pre-adolescent fools who are incapable of making a simply composition of bread, deli meats, and vegetables.
I'd rather have my own mother wank me off than eat a disease riddled sandwich from d'angelo's.
by Oddur October 07, 2005

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