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Phrase from Indiana origin used to convey that you are going to have some kinda of sexual interaction with a female.
friend 1: You gonna get your d wet tonight man?

friend 2: Yeah I'm going to this tight ass party and theres gonna be drunk gurls all over the place. I'm defenitly getting my d wet tonite
by E-R-I-C February 14, 2006
The state of your penis being wet, in oral or intercoursal form. A hybridization of the abbreviation of "D" for "Dick" and "Wet". D + Wet = dwet.
"It's a nice day for a white dwetting."
"Todd's so gonna get dwet now that his psoriasis is gone."
"She heard that I had flavored lube so she dwetted me in the bathroom."
by Lloyd Colton November 01, 2009
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