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Some one who is gorgous beyond compare and is generally nice but can be bitchy when it comes to guys. She is liked by a lot of guys but they are too scared to amit it due to lack of balls.
"Dude you should totally ask her out!"
"No im wayy to scared too! Why dont you?"
"Im would i mean come on now shes a total cypert!"
by yourbestfrienddddd December 12, 2013
When you are making out with a girl and realize she has a penis. But you go down on her anyway, and she finishes in your mouth. But then when you pull your head up, you realize it was actually your dad.
Ricky: damn girl, you're fine
Girl: hahahah ohhhh, you're so sweet! *unzips pants*
....15 minutes later....
Ricky: *wipes off lips* shit girl, that was some good shit
Girl: son, I'm sorry
Ricky: *looks up* DAD?!
Dad: *shrugs* Cypert
by Loves2Cypert April 08, 2016

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