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The Latin suffix for murder, but with a "Y" instead of an "I". Probably used a lot in nicknames.
My friends on myspace call me homocyde!
by BillyBallTouch October 07, 2007
a pansy man, frilly in demeanor, looking a feminine way. In Alabama meaning "girlie" or "womanly". Can also be used as a verb, a 'cyding' effect (feminine). Often used in the context of 'Speckz' from Thundercats a.k.a. Bi-Curious planet from the Satan rituals of IRCtoo, as published in the May 1 2006 Marvel Comic entitled "CYDE the Thundercat".
Look at RichardCQ he is acting so cyde today with his pink petal pushers and knickers.
by TomX May 01, 2006
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