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a road cyclist whose cycling behavior lacks any compassion or empathy for other cyclists
Our relationship was perfect until last Sunday afternoon when we went for a bike ride and then I realized he was actually a cyclepath.
by Shelley100 August 26, 2008
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cycle path- a route taken by cyclists (i) cycle path- as in shes/hes a cycle path (psychopath)

Sicklist- annoying cyclist, a middle roader who thinks they own the road and cycle at 5mph looking at the views-a motorists pain in the arse
my ex girlfriend haha- during an unprovoked argument, say "F%*k me, your a bit of a skitso cycle path, whats that all about"

other people that are calm 1 minute and blow a fuse for no apparent reason and without triggering.
by monork65 November 05, 2010
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